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pirate_jimbob's Journal

Leanne A.K.A Pirate Jimbob the Rat
10 June 1987
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I have been a massive fan of CSI: Vegas since 2002, I absolutely love Hodges/Wallace Langham.
I'm also a big fan of George Eads/Nick!

My other Favourite actors are:
Peter Stormare
Steve Buscemi
William Fichtner
Johnny Depp
Barry Pepper
Jake Gyllenhaal
Doug Hutchison
Christian Bale

Quite an assortment you may say

Loads of pix of the above at my scrapbook: http://pics.livejournal.com/pirate_jimbob/

My Favourite Movie(s) Of the Moment:
(other favourite films are below in the interests section)

Oh yeah, I love rats too!

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